How to write an equine coronavirus essay

How to write an equine coronavirus essay

What do you think is the most relevant topic today? Of course this is a coronavirus! In fact, this virus family has been identified for a long time. But just now, people began to become interested in the diseases caused by these viral infections.

It came as a surprise to many people that coronavirus occurs not only in humans, but also in dogs, cats, and even horses.

Equine coronavirus (or ECOV) can be an unpleasant discovery for the owners of these wonderful animals. Therefore, as a medical student, you probably already received the task of writing an academic paper on this topic. Don’t know how to write an equine coronavirus essay? Don’t worry! Our professional authors are always here to have your back.

Some useful hints to make your paper rock

Hot topics always require special responsibility. Your paper will be read by a large number of people. These are both those who are simply interested in the topic of coronavirus, as well as horse owners taking care of their pets. It can also be other medical students who want more information for their paper.

Here are some important tips to help you write a really worthy essay:

  • Use only verified sources. As we already wrote, coronavirus attracts a lot of attention. Including those people who disseminate fake data on the Internet. Be careful with the information you use, check all data.
  • Structure your thoughts. A stream of thoughts will confuse the reader and make you close your essay. Better reduce the volume of the text, but make sure that you have a clear equine coronavirus essay structure.
  • Rely on statistics. Horse coronavirus is not a common and dangerous disease to be feared. Or vice versa? Find accurate statistics and describe these numbers in your essay.

As you name the boat, so shall it float: equine coronavirus essay topics

Your topic is of great importance. Use it as an opportunity to attract readers from the very first chords. If you use keywords, an intriguing question, unexpected information, this is a slam dunk for your paper! Here are some ideas to help you find inspiration:

  1. How quick is it possible to define the equine coronavirus diagnosis?
  2. Is it possible that equine coronavirus spread to humans?
  3. Does equine coronavirus affect the stomach of the animal?
  4. Equine coronavirus family: how dangerous is it?
  5. Hyperammonemia equine coronavirus: reasons and consequences
  6. When the coronavirus equine vaccine will be developed?
  7. Can equine coronavirus reoccur in animals later?
  8. Equine coronavirus treatment: is there an effective protocol?
  9. Why should you be aware of equine enteric coronavirus
  10. Equine coronavirus in Сolorado: extent of distribution
  11. Equine coronavirus: how to stop spreading the viral infection?
  12. How is equine enteric coronavirus transmitted to other animals?

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Have some questions about the equine coronavirus essay?

questions about the equine coronavirus
What is hyperammonemia with ECOV?

Hyperammonemia is the most serious lethal complication that can occur in horses with coronavirus. When the intestines begin to produce too much ammonia, this leads to mild or severe neurological conditions. Doctors explain this by changes in intestinal bacteria. Ammonia is not only produced in the intestines but is also absorbed into the animal’s bloodstream. This allows it to circulate throughout the horse and even the brain.

Equine coronavirus how to stop spreading?

Horse coronavirus vaccines do not exist yet. Therefore, horse owners cannot simply protect all their animals from the spread of this disease. But what needs to be done is to constantly maintain high standards of sanitation in every room where there are horses and other animals. It is also necessary to regularly clean any surfaces that may be contaminated with horse feces. Having removed any traces of organic substances from them, disinfect. If a coronavirus has been established in any of your horses, you should consult your veterinarian regarding testing other animals. In any case, you will need to temporarily isolate the diseased horse so that the virus does not spread further.

How is equine enteric coronavirus transmitted?

If airborne transmission of the virus is characteristic of human coronavirus, this is slightly different in horses. The virus begins to spread through fecal-oral transmission. The feces of an infected horse must somehow enter the body of another animal. In fact, it is very easy if the horses are self-grazing or if you do not maintain perfect hygiene in their stalls. Also, the virus can be transmitted through surfaces or objects stained with feces. This can occur through clothing, a thermometer, manure spreading, etc. This means that they must all be thoroughly disinfected. It has been established that most often the virus is transmitted in the cold season.

What are the main symptoms of the equine enteric coronavirus?

The exact incubation period is unknown, but the virus may be detected in fecal samples from 5 to 21 one day. Coronavirus-infected horses suffer from high fever. They also do not feel any appetite, suffer from colic. Animals constantly lie on the floor, are depressed. Diarrhea is also among common signs. Analyzes show that there is a low white blood cell count in the blood.

In some cases, complications can occur when horses lose protein, lose control of the body, cannot stand, or become lethargic.



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