Your killer canine coronavirus treatment essay

canine coronavirus treatment essay

Essay writing is one of the most popular assignments for students. Usually, professors provide the most relevant topics so that you can stay in touch with the latest world events and analyze them. You should be able to provide a reasoned opinion on various topics. In particular, one of the most pressing topics today is a coronavirus. This is a common infection that affects a large number of people. But it is important to know that this disease occurs not only in humans but also in animals, in particular in dogs. If you want to provide your audience with an informative canine coronavirus treatment essay, leverage our recommendations.

What should you know about the coronavirus infection in dogs

There are two types of coronavirus in dogs. These are intestinal and respiratory types. Symptoms begin to appear approximately 10 days after infection. The owner may not even realize that one’s pet is already sick because they need time to get canine coronavirus detected. There is specifical testing that allows making the diagnosis.

Canine enteric coronavirus is transmitted by direct contact with animals, as well as by contact with the feces of an infected dog. The second type of coronavirus in animals is transmitted exclusively by airborne droplets. That’s why the essential preventive measure is to avoid any contact with unfamiliar animals or their stool.

The main symptoms of respiratory coronavirus

This disease can be compared with the common cold, that is familiar to all people. Dogs begin to cough, sneeze, snot flowing from their nose. Typically, this form is harmless. Complications such as pneumonia and fever are pretty rare.

Symptoms of intestinal infection

Animals that caught this infection behave sluggishly and apathetically. They completely lose their appetite and refuse to eat. Instead, pets suffer from vomiting and diarrhea, severe dehydration. Owners do not even have time to notice how their dogs begin to lose weight very much because of viruses.

How to treat the canine coronavirus?

Actually, there are no specific drugs that treat coronavirus. Therefore, you can not waste your time looking for appropriate medications to provide them in your essay. Better ask your readers to focus on strengthening their pet’s immunity and temporary isolation.

There are a number of drugs used for this purpose. It can be immunoglobulin serum, adsorbents for the toxins removing, antimicrobial drugs, etc. It is important to eliminate antimicrobial processes in the dog’s body. If animals suffer from dehydration due to the first type of coronavirus infection, they may be recommended a saline dropper.

When the pet begins to recover, a special diet is developed for him. It is better to give preference to specialized industrial feeds to restore the intestinal walls. 

Vaccines are used rarely, but this option is possible. 

Tips to craft your essay about the canine coronavirus treatment

Tips essay canine coronavirus treatment

When you write a paper on any medical topic, you should be extremely short and precise. This is not a place where you can use your own reasoning. It is much more important to conduct research, examine proven veterinary sources and provide a brief squeeze. Here are some tips to help you make your academic essay interesting and of high quality:

  • Always check the facts. All students use the Internet these days. It is not a secret that there is a lot of fake data, especially regarding medicine. Therefore, if you use any facts, make sure that you have at least several sources. Depending on the required formatting style, quote them correctly.
  • Be careful with the words. You should consider your target audience. Who are your readers? Are these other students? Veterinarians? Or maybe it’s the dog owners who want to know the causes and consequences of this illness. If you write for the latter, you should be gentle and courteous. Do not use a large number of medical terms, show that it is normal to worry about their pets.
  • Structure your paper. Remember that this is an academic assignment. This means that you must adhere to certain rules. Use all the important information in the main sections of the essay. The introduction and conclusion have other purposes. But these are great places for your creativity, where you can attract readers to the essay and encourage them to some thought or action.

Actually, the writing process always requires focus and concentration. Immerse yourself in this task, think about what goal you set for yourself. Then it will be easier for you to write a good A-level text.



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