Coronavirus test coverage essay

Coronavirus test coverage essay

The phrase we’ve seen most often on the Internet over the past month is, “Stay home!” Someone is used to it and does not pay attention, and someone she even annoys. Many are tired of staying at home, want to office, cafe, park. We want to live and not be afraid. We are all tired. All except the virus. He knows no fatigue and does not forgive mistakes.

We often postponed plans and desires that were time-consuming. And with the onset of quarantine, in many cases, it became clear that things were not in time. In quarantine, we rethought something; more often, we began to enjoy simple things. They realized how important it was to walk along the road to work and hug friends. Keep in mind that all this is ahead, and now the most important thing is to be vigilant, as a carefree can be very expensive.

Most of us tend to think that trouble can happen “somewhere far,” “with someone,” but not with us. Denying and not recognizing a potential problem creates a sense of deceptive security. Many people do not like wearing masks – they are difficult to breathe. Someone is looking out for the queue because they want to complete their purchases sooner. It is difficult to breathe in a mask – it is difficult to breathe with inflammation.

To fight coronavirus, you need to find it in the body quickly since it is essential to identify patients so that they do not harm others.

Using PCR analysis, you can find out if there are foreign substances in the body that harm a person. But such an analysis is done for too long, on average, from one to three days. If you need to know the result as soon as possible, then particular tests take about 10 minutes.

How is a clinical coronavirus test performed?

The clinic reports on the procedure for conducting tests to identify coronavirus. It is essential to understand that every clinic does all this according to a system approved by the Ministry of Health.

To understand in which direction to move on, the patient undergoes a quick flu test. If the test does not confirm the virus, the doctor offers the patient a specific test to determine SARS-CoV-2. Currently, this is the fastest determination method, which is carried out using the process in the patient’s blood samples. The test system works on a principle similar to tests for determining pregnancy. The result will be known within 15 minutes.

A negative result of the rapid test does not exclude the disease! After all, antibodies appear only on the 5-7th day of the disease.

Therefore, for an accurate diagnosis, the doctor performs a sampling of the material (mucus from the nose) to conduct a PCR test to determine SARS-CoV-2 with separate test systems.

Finished samples are urgently transferred to the reference virology laboratory, which has the necessary equipment. To get the result, you need from 1 to 3 days. A second PCR test should confirm the result of the initial coronavirus test.

Within 2 hours, the clinic’s doctors inform the Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health at the patient’s place of residence about a suspicion.

All those who have a mild disease, who have no risk of complications at the time of the examination, are advised to carry out the treatment at home. Doctors of the clinic inform the patient and give appropriate instructions.

In a severe case or health condition with a risk of complications, doctors call a team to hospitalize a patient who may have the virus in the infectious ward of a particular hospital.

Rapid testing and selection of material for the PCR test to detect coronavirus are carried out on an outpatient basis or in a hospital. Emergency teams also conduct quick trials. The decision about the need for the test is made by the doctor, taking into account how the picture has developed, the symptoms, and the condition of the patient.

When an outbreak of some disease occurs, everyone wants to protect themselves as best as possible. Conducting a specific test is the most sensible decision because neither the vaccine nor the cure for the virus exists yet. But is it possible to buy express analysis somewhere and do it of your own free will?

So far, not a single vaccine or drug has been developed against a strain of coronavirus that has caused an epidemic worldwide. Experts believe that at least one and a half years will pass before all clinical trials are completed, and the development is approved and put on the market.

The only possible measure at the moment is a quick diagnosis to identify infected people and their quarantine. Rapid tests are a way out of the situation. However, the resources of any medical institutions are limited, and even countries with developed economies cannot cope with checking all people “just in case.” Therefore, a specific test makes sense when there is a clear suspicion of a coronavirus. Even after returning from a country with a high percentage of the disease, the analysis is not carried out for everyone, but only with signs of the disease.

Most often, a test for coronavirus is prescribed for unusual pneumonia, the cause of which has not been established, as well as for a complex of symptoms. During their stay with the infected, they also check everyone next to them.

Where do rapid tests for coronavirus

Where do rapid tests for coronavirus

In China and South Korea, rapid tests are conducted by almost everyone at the slightest suspicion. They explain this by the fact that, for many, the disease is asymptomatic.

Gradually, many countries are developing their tests for coronavirus: USA, France, Russia. Particularly useful developments are then transferred to other countries. The problem with the first rapid tests was their duration and low accuracy.

In the USA, for the first time, they encountered problems when conducting analyzes – many test systems were defective, and their number was not enough for all those in need. Pharmaceutical companies did not immediately receive permission to produce their rapid tests, but according to Chinese manufacturers have already entered the market.

How the rapid coronavirus test works

For analysis, a throat and nose swab is taken from the patient. They can also take samples from the upper and lower respiratory tract, sputum, and saliva. In the laboratory, they look at the tubes, and then the analysis procedure is carried out.

It is based on the PCR method. This is a molecular biology method. For analysis, the cells present in the sample are destroyed, and DNA fragments are isolated from them. The selected portion is copied and propagated to track specific coronavirus DNA fragments. If it is detected, it means that a virus was present in the sample. You can also determine the amount of pathogen.

Such a specific test lasts about five hours. It also takes time to deliver the samples to the laboratory, since it is not possible to conduct such a study outside of it.

If an infection is detected, the patient is placed in a hospital or home quarantine, and the doctor records a new case. If the test showed a positive result, then this is possible in the field, but if the analysis showed a negative effect, you need to go again. This occurs when samples are not transported properly. Therefore, if the suspicion of coronavirus is not removed even with a negative analysis, they can conduct another check.

There is also another method that is still under development. It is based on the search for antibodies that are secreted by the body as a reaction to a viral infection. Such an analysis will significantly speed up the diagnosis – in 10-20 minutes; it will be possible to determine whether a person is sick with coronavirus or not. The South Korean company was able to identify antibodies. The Taiwanese company has a similar development.

Where to buy and how much does a coronavirus rapid test cost

Many are interested in which pharmacy you can buy a coronavirus test for. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase specific criteria. PCR analysis can only be performed in the laboratory using sophisticated equipment. Also, conducting such an analysis is dangerous. Therefore, not every laboratory has permission for such work. Means should be provided for working with a certain level of pathogenicity of microorganisms.

Work is underway to create portable diagnostic mini-laboratories that will allow examining patients in small clinics and even at home. Perhaps soon, the best rapid tests will be developed than there are now.

Currently, all hospitals located in large cities are equipped with rapid tests for coronavirus. It is impossible to go to the Rospotrebnadzor centers on your own for testing for coronavirus – you need a referral from a doctor. In the case of hospitalization or suspicion of the coronavirus, the doctor will prescribe an analysis, and it will be performed free of charge. In private centers, tests for coronavirus are not carried out at all, both free and free. The maximum that they can offer tests for large groups of viruses. Therefore, even a positive result of such an analysis will not at all mean that you are infected.

Soon, several private laboratories will launch similar tests, which can be passed at will. They accurately identify the coronavirus. The cost is still unknown.

It should be borne in mind that analysis without symptoms is almost pointless. The virus is sought in the epithelial cells of the nasopharynx, and the absence of symptoms means that the virus has not yet affected the mucous membrane of the nose and throat. That is, during the incubation period, which, according to the latest data, may already exceed 20 days, the virus may not show the result by making a test. Insufficiently sensitive tests cannot fix this. Therefore, with a negative analysis, the check is usually sent for verification and repeated.

Doctors always say: any disease is more comfortable to prevent than to treat. Coronavirus is no exception. However, a person does not have any specific methods for the prevention of coronavirus – all the same as with influenza and SARS



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