The best way of writing How to protect your home and family from COVID-19 essay

Protect Home from COVID-19 essay

Writing How to protect your home and family from COVID-19 essay, you should mention the following pieces of advice and recommendations listed below:

Pay your attention to your hygiene.

We guess you have heard about it a thousand times. We still are not aware of many things regarding the virus. So the following data needs to be repeated. However, we do know that the virus spreads via respiratory droplets that are generated when the infected individual sneezes or coughs. Others might be infected in case they touch the surface with the virus particles or touch their eyes, nose, or mouth. So the best weapon in this fight is hand hygiene,

  • Wash your hands from time to time. Do it with water and soap. Scrub for 20 seconds. Utilize the alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • Do not touch your face. It might be more difficult to do practically then it looks since it requires conscious effort. The ordinary person might touch his or her face more than 23 times per hour. Half of the time, the average person touches their nose, eyes or mouth. These are the exact places infected by COVID-19. 
  • Cover sneezes and coughs. Do it inside the upper arm or elbow.
  • If you feel sick, stay home. Look for proper medical guidance.

Make sure the surfaces are clean.

We still are not aware of how long the virus is possible to survive not being on a human host. However, we are sure the COVID-19 is susceptible to disinfectants. Utilize the following cleaning tips:

  • Utilize the proper product. As the CDS says, 70% of alcohol solutions can affect the virus successfully. So we recommend to disinfect and clean your environment with it.
  • Utilize the product properly. First of all, clean the dirt out of the surfaces. You can wipe them with disinfectant. Leave it wet for some time, mentioned in the instructions. Wait for some time and do not just wipe and go away.
  • Clean the proper surfaces. 
    • High-touch places like bathroom fixtures, light switches, remote controls, phones, and door handles.
    • Horizontal places like desktops, kitchen tables, countertops, and other places where respiratory droplets might land.
    • Mobile phone. Clean it because you touch it often with your hands and face.
  • Do not reutilize the wipes on several surfaces. The germs from the utilized wipes might be transferred to other surfaces. Utilize 1 wipe for every surface and throw it away.
  • Don’t dry places after the wiping. These places should stay wet for some time, mentioned on the label since the germs are killed for this time.

Distance yourself from society.

Keep the distance from other people. This is one of the governmental measures like canceling public gatherings, closing schools, or quarantining the sick. The lives of many people might be saved if these things are done. So do these things like:

  • Keep the distance. The density of people is very important. Respiratory droplets from the sneeze or cough might travel up to 6 feet. They might be inhaled to the people’s lungs. So stay out of the range to protect yourself.
  • Make virtual meetings. In the era of social networks, this is a real way out to utilize Viber, What’s up, or Facebook to make a conference.
  • Do not shake hands or hug. Use an alternative way of greeting. For instance, you might wave, tip your hat, or suggest a welcoming and friendly squirt of the hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid crowds intentionally. For instance, you might choose to ride a bike instead of using a bus to get to the place of destination. Avoid contaminated surfaces and keep the distance since people in common places might touch you.
social distance 6 feet
Keep 6 feet the distance

The final verdict

All in all, writing such an essay, you should specify as many details as possible to provide your reader with important tips to use. Besides, you might find these recommendations useful for you to keep you safe and secure.

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It is important for every family member to wash hands often with soap, using soap and water, practice social distancing, avoid close contact when visit grocery stores, wearing a mask, and practice good cdc recommends. To slow the spread of covid-19, when coughing or sneezing, the one should visit centers for disease control. If the infected person coughs, the infectious disease might be difficult to maintain in public health. Therefore, follow these tips for better health care.



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