Tips how to write an essay about coronavirus 229e

coronavirus 229e essay

Medical and nursing students deal with a large number of written assignments. They can be very different. These are laboratory reports, essays, course papers, dissertations. Topics may also vary.

Without a doubt, the most common task is to write an essay. It usually takes 1-2 pages and allows to reveal the writing skills of the student. It all starts with a personal statement. Subsequently, you will write more than one essay on various topics, for example: “Why do I want to become a doctor?”, “Why do I want to become a nurse?” “The ideal health care system for my country” “Features of the diagnosis of patients in different conditions”, etc. Of great importance are relevant topics. In this case, we are talking about the coronavirus 229e pandemic that has spread today. If you instructed such a task from your professor, do not despair. It’s normal that you don’t have enough knowledge about this virus yet. Many experienced doctors are only studying it. Using our recommendations, you will know how to write an essay about coronavirus 229e.

Some tips to make your coronavirus 229e essay really perfect

Writing any essay requires attention and concentration. Nobody expects from you a real literary masterpiece. Still, you are a future medic, not a writer. Nevertheless, you should make an effort to make your paper interesting to readers and get an A-rating. Our authors have prepared useful tips that will allow you to master the art of essay writing.

Choose a good topic

Surely the professor asked you to write an essay on coronavirus 229e but did not specify what kind of paper this should be. Should you prepare a general overview of the problem? What are the symptoms of the disease? Preventive measures? You decide how to narrow your focus. And it gives you a profitable advantage. If the topic is clear to you, you can write a good informative essay for your audience. But do not narrow it too much, leave a little space for creativity so that your paper does not turn into an encyclopedic article.

Prepare a chart with your ideas

We are sure that you have a lot of thoughts in your head about how your essay should be. But there are two sides to this. Until these ideas are put to paper, they can distract and confuse you. Draw up a coronavirus 229e essay structure to organize all thoughts, find connections between them, and abandon unnecessary decisions.

To create a chart or mind map, write your topic in the middle of a sheet of paper. Now draw a few arrows and write down the main ideas next to them. They can also be developed using arrows. So you will understand which cases and arguments sound the most convincing.

Write a thesis statement

Remember that you are writing an essay, not a report, article or study. If you want to express your point of view on coronavirus 229e, you will need to write your thesis statement. For example: “It is very important to know the symptoms of coronavirus in order to notice the first signs in time.” Or “The panic surrounding the coronavirus is unjustified.” This is one sentence that expresses the essence of your essay. Make it a little intriguing so that readers want to know what you’ll write in your paper. Our second example is provocative, not everyone will agree with this statement. But readers will want to know why you think so, what arguments can prove it.

Use reliable sources

There is always a lot of lies and fake information in crisis times. Website creators want to attract as many audiences as possible, and therefore they publish absolutely all the news about coronavirus, without thinking about whether they are true or not. You can check trusted and official sources, such as the World Health Organization website. This will help you provide true statistics, will strengthen your reputation as a medical writer.

Make positive conclusions

Remember that the topic of coronavirus is very relevant today. People really worry about this. They worry about their health, business, the future of the entire world economy. Therefore, it is desirable that you keep a share of the positive. As a doctor, you can analyze the pandemic situation and give a couple of useful recommendations that will help people calm down and take the necessary preventive measures.

Topics you can choose for your essay

A good topic is already half your success. First of all, it will help you outline the vector and make a plan for writing an essay. Secondly, it will provide your readers with an understanding of what your paper is about. It is important to understand that today the topic of coronavirus is very discussed. This means that you need to come up with a really interesting topic that will attract the attention of the audience. Here are some coronavirus 229e essay topics from our authors:

  • Coronavirus 229e isolation precautions you should take
  • Be careful: coronavirus 229e symptoms
  • Everything you should know about coronavirus 229e incubation period
  • Main rules of coronavirus 229e isolation
  • Is it possible to avoid the coronavirus development?
  • Coronavirus 229e transmission: how is it possible?
  • All nuances of coronavirus 229e treatment
  • Is coronavirus 229e pneumonia dangerous?

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What you definitely should know about coronavirus 229e

How long does it take the coronavirus 229e to leave the body?

This is very individual since each patient has his own medical history. Some people tolerate this disease very easily because they have good immunity, while others suffer from concomitant chronic diseases. On average, treatment takes 1-2 weeks.

What is coronavirus 229e?

Human coronavirus 229E is one of seven human-transmitted coronaviruses. It can be transmitted through respiratory droplets and contact routes. This type of virus was found in different parts of the world at different times of the year.

What is coronavirus 229e treatment?

Unfortunately, the issue of effective treatment and prevention is still open, since there is no means of etiological therapy and specific prevention. For the treatment of the disease, symptomatic cold remedies are used, including broad-spectrum antibiotics (fluoroquinolones, cephalosporins, tetracyclines, b-lactams) to prevent the development of bacterial microflora.

How long should I stay in home isolation if I have the coronavirus disease?

You should stay at home for as long as possible. If the coronavirus was diagnosed using a test, and after a few weeks showed a negative result, you can go outside and contact other people. But remember that even if you have no symptoms, you can still be a carrier of the disease. Adhere to the recommendations of your Ministry of Health regarding quarantine measures.



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